a little introduction


hello readers.

My name is Leah, and I am the other half of this Free Indeed vlog/blog. I am newly married (June 2015) to the most hilarious man I have ever met, Griffin, and I hold a job as a Middle School Counselor. When I received the call in August of 2015 that I was officially hired, I was through the roof excited, considering Middle School students are my absolute favorite age. You may think I’m crazy right about now, but I feel they are at the most crucial age in their adolescent life, which means adults can have the biggest impact at that age. Hence, the excitement for my new job.

I remembering sitting at my desk in the beginning of the school year and feeling a twinge in my heart to write devotions. I thought I was crazy considering I had just started my “dream job”. I tried to convince myself that it was just me being discontent with where God had placed me. But, as the days went on, I could not seem to quiet that feeling. I finally came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no reason why I couldn’t do both.

So one day, I sat down on my bed and wrote. I wrote one devotion within 30 minutes. Just like that. I sent it to my friends and family, which was followed with about 5 different versions of little tweaks here and there. (my poor family) However, as the months went on I did nothing else. All I had was one devotion in my computer, where it would stay for a long while. One day, as I’m talking to my sister on the phone (per usual), she started telling me how she felt a calling on her heart to share out the Lord as well. It was the perfect combination of her vlog ideas and the devotions on both our hearts.

Now, here we are, finally beginning our journey. You should know that we have set launch dates after launch dates. We have struggled with fear, anxiety, and most of all, busyness. It is clear that Satan does not want this vlog/blog to ever happen. Where there is clear spiritual warfare, you can bet God is working through people to do His work. We are humbled at the opportunity to share with you the love of Jesus. Join us in finding our freedom in Christ.

be free. xo



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