What comes to mind when you think of the word free? Personally, I picture a judge raising his gavel only to meet the wood block with force saying, “Not guilty.” That man or woman in question is now deemed free in that very moment. Relief, peace, calm, joy. Those are all the words that come to mind when thinking of freedom.

Our whole theme for this vlog/blog is about being free. It first starts being free from the bondage to sin, and then it continues to finding freedom as you live out the will of God for your life. Jesus died that gruesome death on the cross so that our Judge can deem the price has been paid and paid in full. We are free. But our freedom doesn’t stop there.

Yes, we can be free from paying the price of our sins, (death) but are we truly living in freedom? We believe that can be a daily battle. We are Christians, yet we still allow sin to trip us up, and Satan to have his way with our mind. No, we aren’t perfect, but we have an amazing God that covers us with His grace.

So, whether you are a new believer, not a believer (yet), or have been a believer for as long as you can remember, we pray that you will be set free and live fully the life God has planned for you. Jesus didn’t die on the cross to set you free just to put you in another prison. No. He died so that you could live a life that is worthy and fulfilling.

We believe there is freedom written all over the Bible, and as we were praying to figure out where to start (it is quite the daunting), we were listening to Levi Lusko’s series on 1 Thessalonians. He is the pastor of Fresh Life Church in Montana, and we have been truly blessed by him. He has an amazing story, so we encourage you to listen to any of his podcasts or check out his services that they stream online.

With all that being said, let’s begin.

be free. xo


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