Palm Springs

Get to know my little family better by watching this video of our most recent getaway to Palm Springs! Hopefully you can endure the length of it…if not watch more of the end than the beginning ;).  No one ever tells you to read the back of the book first but in this case, it works.  We took a four day trip and I wanted to squeeze in as much of the F-U-N as I possibly could! I would encourage you to get a date on the calendar to spend time as a family unit. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or even go somewhere over night, creating memories with your family is important and can be as simple as a picnic in your backyard.  Dustin and I recently sat down and did some goal and priority planning and it was so beneficial {more on that in a future post}! We literally wrote into our calendars dates for us, dates for him and the girls, family date days, etc.  Because for us, if it’s not scheduled it just doesn’t happen.  Because I am a stay at home mom, home is my work.  And because I enjoy my work, it’s hard for me to shut it down and just enjoy spending time with my kids and husband.  There is ALWAYS something to do. So I would encourage you to get your calendars out, and plan some time away from the house. You won’t regret it!



be free.  xoxox


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