the book of John

We are so excited to start a new devotion series in the book of John. I wanted to give you some background before we begin…

As most of you know, the Bible includes 4 main gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. John is believed to be the last of the 4 written. The other 3 gospels are known as synoptic gospels, or simply the “see-together” gospels. They all center around the ministry of Jesus in Galilee, while John focuses on different aspects of Jesus’ life. All four gospels are crucial to understand the life of Jesus. They do not contradict themselves, but rather give different perspectives on the events of Jesus’ ministry/life.

Personally, I believe that Jesus’ life was permeated with miracles, prayers, profound statements, beautiful sermons, and much more. That is why I think the Lord gave us 4 different accounts because there is truly so much to unpack. Even so, we will never get the full picture of Christ’s life until we meet face to face with our Savior.

To begin to understand what the gospels are trying to portray, lets unpack each theme. Each gospel centers on a specific origin of Christ, which creates a theme, based on who the author is trying reach. The theme of Matthew is Jesus from the lineage of Abraham, which is a fulfilled prophesy of the Savior’s first coming. (Matthew 1:1-17). Mark’s theme is Jesus from Nazareth, which depicts that He is a Servant (Mark 1:9). Luke’s focus is Jesus from the lineage of Adam; therefore, showing that Jesus is the Perfect Man (Luke 3:23-38). Finally, the theme of John is Jesus from Heaven, which depicts He is God.

All the origins are true, and when they are conjoined, it illustrates to the average reader that Jesus is no ordinary man, prophet, or “good person”, as religions will try to tell you. The main reason we chose John is because we wanted the readers (you!) to gain a fresh perspective on the gospel that shows us who Jesus is. You may also notice that our theme on this blog is all about freedom, which is found in the book of John. [*cough cough*, look at our main verse, *cough cough*] What better way to dive into freedom, than to read about Jesus as God dying for that freedom.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for your very first weekly devotion in John.

be free. xoxo


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