San Clemente Ca

Today I’m sharing our most recent getaway to San Clemente, California.  It is an adorable little beach community at the southern most tip of Orange County with a San Diego vibe.  We stayed at San Clemente Cove, a small timeshare resort with kitchens across from the pier.  Although Emmarie was sick with a fever our ENTIRE TRIP (😭😭😭) we still managed to have some fun.  I must admit I had to force myself to film some days and was quite short on footage because I was in a bad mood about Emmarie not feeling well.  #imababy

Dustin and I both agree vacations now aren’t quite the same as it was when it was just the two of us.  There are many more unexpected moments (like a trip home to see the doctor), lots of planning and preparing (after packing alone I needed a vacation) as well as working while there (no rest for the weary 😉).  But we agree it’s still totally worth it.  Addi and Harper had fun and we will go back again soon when Emmarie is able to enjoy it more!



be free to explore.




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