John 9

Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. John 9:1

We are picking back up in John 9, which follows Jesus making a big proclamation of “I AM” and ran for His life because people were seeking to stone Him. It’s amazing to see how Jesus was on the verge of death, yet He “passed by and saw a man who was blind from birth” (verse 1). When we see the word “saw”, it is indicated that He had compassion for this man. Jesus was focused on looking to heal others even in the midst of His own trial.

But that is why I love reading about Jesus’ life. Fully man and fully God, He was completely in tune with God’s will. He even says that in this chapter: “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day…” (verse 4). Nothing can stop Jesus from fulfilling God’s will in His life- not even people seeking to kill Him. Do we live with that kind of zeal in our own lives?

Because Jesus was so enthralled in God’s will, He was unpredictable and unconventional. I believe He could have very easily touched these man’s eyes or even spoke his sight into existence. After all, He healed people from afar in the past (John 4:46-54). So, why did He choose to spit on the ground and make clay? Well, that was God’s will for the way this man would be healed. It was the Sabbath and the Pharisees would have quarrels about this very act, but this is how God wanted it to be done. Plain and simple. What do I take from this? God doesn’t belong in a box. 

Sometimes I find myself telling God how I want Him to save someone, heal someone, or how my future should play out. How ignorant of me to think I can tell the Creator of the world how to do His job! With that said, I do believe we need to pray for the “what” in our lives: someone to be healed, someone to be saved; our marriages to be blessed; our children’s health. But, we need to leave the how and the when up to God.

I’m sure there are many of you who can testify how God has worked something out in a very unpredictable way. The journey can be confusing and encouraging all at the same time. There are also unimaginably tough battles that I watch family and friends face every day. But even in those battles, God is still bigger. God is still on the throne. Ben Courson once said, “FAITH is an acronym: Forward, All, Issues, To, Heaven.” We can rest in the knowledge that Jesus sees us just how He saw the blind man. We are not cast down. We are not forgotten. Practice FAITH this week and watch God work.

be free. xo


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