Costco Playhouse HACK

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IMG_6825.jpgEver since I  walked past the playhouse on display at Costco, I’ve been dreaming of how to get my hands on it.  My objective was transformation.  I knew exactly where we would put it, and wanted it to be a beautiful, light, dreamy home for my girls to enjoy this summer.  Well, I finally did it! This project took about 4 days start to finish, with about 2 of those days being FULL days.  And it just so happened to be 100 degrees in early May in So Cal.  Yikes.  But you guys, I couldn’t be happier with the result! The girls love it and that makes it SO worth the effort. Watch the video below to find out how I got the look, with all sources linked in the comments section of my YouTube channel.





be free.






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