Back to School Checklist

I hate to admit it but school is just around the corner.  It’s basically my least favorite time of year.  Maybe it’s because I have a hard time with change, or maybe because I really do cherish the time with my kids at home and the slow summer mornings.  To the mom of littles not yet in school- I promise they will be off before you know it and you will miss the moments you are living now.  Drink. Them. Up.  Your days run together now and sometimes they seem long, but pretty soon you will be waving good bye as they head off to school and it will all be a distant memory.  Find purpose in your now.  Because it doesn’t last forever.

Anyway, enough of my sap! I do love school supplies and back to school shopping so this helps to ease my pain of sending the girls back.  Watch the video to discover my list of must haves- some you may not think of, as well as a review of school gear and other essentials.  Let me know if I missed something and happy back to school shopping!



be free.






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