DIY Color Block Fall Decor

My house is not large and although I love decorating for fall, I cannot do too much as it begins to feel cluttered and overwhelming…a vibe none of us want to give off in our homes.  So I have a tiny little tote filled with a couple of special fall decor items-dish towels, candles, a few small marble pumpkins etc., that I bring out in September.  This year, I wanted to add one small item to the mix.  Enter wood carved pumpkin from Target for $4.99.  Score.  I knew I wanted to stamp a fall phrase on it but landed on this verse and felt it very fitting for this season of my life.  Watch today’s video to find out why I chose this verse, and how I made this simple color block pumpkin.





be free,




3 thoughts on “DIY Color Block Fall Decor

  1. Hi Lauren,
    My name is Masha. I learned about your blog from my friend Allison Meyer, who posted on Facebook your video about Britton Neese. I will be praying for her healing and comfort!

    I also looked into your other posts and enjoyed watching your videos! You and your husband are doing a great job!

    I am doing something similar and praying that your online ministry will grow!

    May God bless you and your family,

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    1. Oh my goodness Masha! My daughters attend FCS and Addilyn was in your art program for two sessions! She grew so much as an artist and I was so impressed by your ability to tie in the Creator too all of your creative lessons. It was truly inspiring. Addi enjoyed it very much! Let’s stay in touch maybe we can collaborate together soon. That would be fun ❤️


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