hunger and thirst

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    For they shall be filled.           Matthew 5:6

At this point, the first 3 verses were in relation to ridding ourselves of our human nature. Now, we are able to move forward and fill our hearts with the spiritual food we need.

It is no coincidence that Jesus uses our basic need as humans (eating and drinking) as a metaphor for how we should view seeking righteousness. It is our basic need in life. Without this strive and desire for righteousness, all things begin to fall apart. The hard work of emptying will go to waste if we don’t fill it up with what we need.

“Hangry”. We have all been a victim of someone during this stage or have succumbed to it ourselves. Well, it turns out, this is actually scientifically proven. It’s a legit term. There was a study done on married couples over a course of 21 days where they tracked their glucose levels and placed them in computer based competitions against “each other” (but it really was the computer). The results? Those with higher glucose levels were less likely to lash out at their significant other than those with lower glucose levels. The doctor explained that anger is the hardest emotion to control. Without proper fuel, the prefrontal cortex cannot help regulate self control; therefore, more impulses of anger towards one another will surface. In other words, don’t fight with your husband/wife on an empty stomach.

The same goes for our spiritual well-being. Jesus makes a direct comparison to our need to seek after righteousness. It is that important to our walk with the Lord. The Bible even says that the prayers of a righteous person are powerful. (James 5:16) And prayer is our main connection to God. As often as we seek for satisfaction through food and water, we need to seek for righteousness.

God promises that when we seek Him we will find Him when we seek with all of our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13). He will not fail you. This is a direct promise that goes hand in hand with Jesus’ teaching. He knows that when we look to seek Him as often as we possibly can, we will be filled.

And as we are filled with the Lord’s righteousness, everything else begins to fall into place. Just how when we are satisfied with food, we will be satisfied with how the Lord feeds our hearts. We don’t need to look for gratification in other places of our lives because we are overflowing with the Living Water. We are able to deny our sinful nature because there isn’t room for it anymore. 

Friends, my prayer is that your fervor for seeking after the Lord is renewed. Test His promises by pursuing Him with your whole heart.

be free.xo


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