Cancer Coaster

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Friends, today I want to introduce you to my sweet and courageous sister in law Britton, who has been battling breast cancer for seven long years.  In this video Dustin and I share her journey, where she is at today, and how YOU can help.  This is an amazing opportunity for our Free Indeed community to step outside of ourselves and love like we were created to.  You can find her blog here.  If you would like to place a monetary donation you can do so on her You Caring page here.   Thank you sweet friends for your prayers and support.


Specific Prayer Requests:

-no side effects from chemo which normally include: hair loss, nausea, neuropathy

-healing from cancer in liver, stomach lining and spine

-healing from fluid around spine

-healing of fractured L2 caused by the cancer

-peace, strength and endurance for her, Jason and the kids

-energy as she is feeling very fatigued

-continual provision for medical expenses

-God’s blessing and presence in a mighty way upon her life


Be free to love,




2 thoughts on “Cancer Coaster

  1. Britton, My heart aches at this recent news. I pray God’s healing grace and peace over you and your family. I am at a loss for words. Know that I pray for you by name. I am trusting Jesus for everything. I pray in His name and will be praying fervently.

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  2. Britton and family. I think of u often and u are. In our prayers. Britton u are fighting the battle and God is watching over you. I pray that the chemo shrinks those bad tumors and u get your strength back. May God watch over you and your family We love u very much❤️ Warren and Barbara

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